1. hungarian kiffles mix together and refrigerate dough overnight. roll dough to about 1/8" thickness, using powdered sugar instead of flour. cut dough in squares, add ; ingredients: 7 (cheese .. flour .. new recipes - share your recipe

Fill each kiffle circle with ½ tsp. of date nut filling. pinch end of kiffles or press with a fork. bake seem side down at 350 f for 10 to 12 minutes or until they turn a light shade of brown. dust cooled kiffles with additional powdered sugar. recipe backstory

Hungarian kiffles (cookies) : try this hungarian kiffles (cookies) recipe, or post your own recipe for hungarian kiffles (cookies) hungarian kiffles (cookies) recipe

Kiffles are traditional hungarian cookies made from cream cheese dough and filled with various flavors of pastry filling. being of hungarian descent, kiffles (kiflis) were always on hand at family gatherings throughout my childhood. recipe notes ~; about the filling:; it is very important that you use fillings that

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View the free recipe for hungarian kiffles (cookies) recipe quick search: advanced search hungarian kiffles (cookies) recipe; recipe serves:

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